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Ask a leadership coach

Ask a leadership expert:
Are You Struggling with Motivation?

By Jenn DeWall Confidence and Leadership Trainer, Motivational Speaker & Workplace Culture Expert.

We have all been there, looking at our to-do list with dread, feeling like a heavy stone when we need to get moving. Even the most energetic people have days they struggle to finish a project or complete routine tasks. So what can we do when we are struggling with motivation? Here are my tips for getting back into the groove and finding the motivation to get things done!

Check in with yourself first. If you are struggling with motivation, check in with yourself, your energy levels and your emotions. Are you heading towards burnout? Do you need to rest? Is there something on your mind that is making it hard to focus? Is lack of motivation a symptom of something more serious going on with your mental or physical health? If there are deeper root causes for feeling unmotivated, consider reaching out to a medical professional or counselor for help. 


Know your “why.” If you struggle to find motivation on a boring project or a daunting task, it can help to know your “WHY”. For example,  I have difficulty getting motivated to do administrative paperwork for my business. However, I love working for myself, helping others through my coaching services and inspiring people with my keynote speaking. So, when it comes time to do the not-so-fun part of my job, I focus on how much joy I get from the rest of my work. I also hate doing housework but love the relaxing feeling of coming home to a clean, inviting home. So when it’s time to do the chores, I think about why I want to do them to help motivate myself. Your why can be big or small, so long as it resonates with you and lifts your energy when you think about it!


Stop trying to “multitask.” Multitasking is one of the most harmful concepts of our time! We can’t actually pay attention to multiple tasks at once. In reality, you are switching tasks rapidly, paying less attention to each task, and taking longer to complete everything. It is also mentally tiring to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously, leading to burnout and lack of motivation. It is better to pick one task to focus on and complete it before moving to the next. 


Find the Fun. Sometimes this is easier said than done, but I truly believe you can find a way to have fun no matter what you are working on. If you are struggling with a work project, maybe you can team up with a co-worker to make it more fun. You can make it a friendly competition, whoever gets their work done last, buys the other a coffee! I also like to use music in the background to keep things fun and positive throughout the day. 


Plan a reward. Sometimes, the old-fashioned techniques work best! Think of a reward that will motivate you to get things done. Maybe if you finish that report, you will treat yourself to your favorite dinner. Or perhaps you can plan a day off if you finish a project on time. I like to create small rewards throughout the day. If I cross three things off my to-do list,  I can take a long walk with my dogs. Or, if I clean out my email inbox by the end of the day, I can have that glass of wine. Sometimes it takes a little experimentation to find out what works for you! 


Remember, all motivation comes from within ourselves. So, it may take some work to figure out why you are struggling with motivation and find the best way to get back on track. If you want to learn more aboug getting motivated and staying motivated, reach out today

Jenn DeWall is a motivational speaker, facilitator, trainer, and podcast host. Jenn is a Millennial leadership and culture expert based in Denver, CO. 

Are you looking for an engaging keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, or trainer? Book Jenn for your leadership needs today!

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